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Binoculars for kids or adults are also known by the common name of Field glasses. Stokes, are considered specialists in the birding field and the Talon binoculars are part of their intro models. Your younger kids will love this outstanding pair of kids binoculars made to encourage and inspire outdoor play and exploration and to help the children have fun and exciting adventures anywhere they go.

The kid's night vision binoculars are just a miniature representation of the advance night binoculars that are used by the United States army. Hold up the printed image of the bird silhouette and ask your students if they can focus on the image with their binoculars.

Every time we purchase a pair of Eagle Optics 6.5 x 32 Kingbird binoculars through the Spark Bird Project, EO is donating another pair to us for free. However the biggest highlight for me is their double hinge design, which allows them to be folded up into a tiny package when not in use - these are true pocket binoculars and once again makes a big difference for those with small hands and pockets.

The Meade 8x25 Wilderness Binoculars have a green, waterproof rubber armor coating to protect against water intrusion, fogging, and accidental drops and bumps. Lastly, as you may already know, we took note of the product rating of these binoculars. You might be wondering why you need binoculars anyway since for you its just a recreational item that is not primary needed.

Binoculars with a magnification of 8x or below are recommended for children to get the best experience and get a good view of the world around them. They actually work as well as adult binoculars, but in a much smaller size to fit kids hands and eyes. These kids will have trouble getting their binoculars on birds, so it is very important to have a wide field of view.

If your youngster specifically wants binoculars for stargazing, birdwatching, hunting, or fishing, you can use the same guidelines you would use to buy yourself a set. Whether you have a kindergarten naturalist or a budding preadolescent scientist, binoculars can be a wonderful gift.

Magnification: This is the magnification of the binoculars - remember for many uses the biggest magnification is not the best! The moon is amazing to look at through either binoculars or a telescope, but it's bright so make sure you have a moon filter so you don't hurt your eyes!

Again, you're going to need to balance just how much you're willing to spend on a pair of kids binoculars with just how many special features you want your little one to enjoy - a tight rope walk that is going to be quite difficult to maneuver. Ideal for older children and young teens, the binoculars are not only using the same Bak-4 prisms and multi-coated optics, but are also -ring sealed and nitrogen purged to offer the very best crystal clear images.

Getting the best birding binoculars may sound easy, but, as you may know, nothing is as ever as simple as it seems. Based on the information presented here, however, you should have a better idea on how to choose a pair of good binoculars for kids that your little ones will absolutely love.

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